Detail shots are product photos that provide different angles or perspectives of a particular product. Detail shots are primarily used to support the main image of a product photo (aka hero image). Detail shots are used to highlight the back, sides or various angles of a product.

Professional product photography requires immense attention to detail and various lighting techniques. Each product is cleaned and styled (when needed) prior to the shoot. The lighting setup is then carefully adjusted to that particular product and photos are taken.

What is the difference between a detail shot and a regular shot?

Detail shots are secondary images of a product which do not require lighting adjustments. If no lighting adjustments are needed to take angle shots, side shots, or back shots of your product, then we would consider these to be “detail shots.” Photo shoots of 50 photos or more are eligible for 50% pricing on all detail shots.

Is a closeup considered a detail shot?

We do include closeup shots within our definition of detail shots. Typically, most photographers will charge extra for a photo which requires the re positioning of a camera. We do not charge extra for closeup photos at Lions Eye Product Photography.